Trust Travel and Tourism LLC is a General Sales Agent (GSA) of the German Travel Technology company  MultiReisen which is in the tourism business since 2003. MultiReisen is based in Berlin, Germany and has regional offices in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It built in-house its own internet booking engine that has all travel services on one single platform - flights, hotels, car rental, transfer, packages, cruises, train, bus, events and more - offered by major global suppliers as well as local suppliers all over the world. There are different travel technology solutions for you that serve different business purposes. 

With Trust Travel and Tourism LLC you can benefit from these travel technology solution already today! They are suitable for all parties of the travel industry: travel agents and online TAs, tour operators and travel management companies.



If you are one of those travel company managers who is fed up with the excuses of third-party developers or has already spent huge amounts of money for a developer team but can’t see light at the end of the tunnel – contact us! We have the successful, working booking engine. That makes all the difference.